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EXBT4 | Premium Bluetooth Receiver
EXBT4 | Premium Bluetooth Receiver

EXBT4 | Premium Bluetooth Receiver

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EXBT4 is a premium Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) music receiver featuring level 4.0 Bluetooth compliance with AptX® codecs for HD sound. Now you can add wireless streaming to your boat stereo without the bandwidth compression found in previous generations of receivers. You can instantly hear the difference! The EXBT4 boasts HD streaming up to 100 feet.

Three easy mounting options: The EXBT4 can mount with screws to a convenient panel, zip ties or the supplied 3M® surface sticker. For best results, choose a vertical surface mounting location 18" from your auxilary input. 

Combine the EXBT4 wtih ZLD1 MKII: The Bluetooth receiver can easily be integrated with most brands of preamp to add premium wireless sound. Plug directly into the L/R auxiliary input of the Exile ZLD unit. Connect receiver power / ground to ZLD [REM / GRND] terminals. You are ready to pair the devices and play music.



Model: EXTBT4
Profiles: A2DP v1.2, Bluetooth V4.0 specification support
Input Voltage: 10-15V DC
Current Draw: 30 mA at full output
Output Voltage:
2.2 Vrms with source at full volume
Frequency response: 20hz - 20Khz
Range: 100ft line of site
Input Data Rate: Determined by source
Power On reconnect: Yes
Mulitpoint Support: A2DP connection to sources
18” molded RCA
Fusing: 18” Fused PWR/GRND


You've Got Questions / We've Got Answers:

Q: My friend has a bluetooth receiver and it works less than ideally. How is the Exile unit different?

A: Performance varies on every device. The cheaper ones on the market tend to have very low output voltage which decreases the overall audio output. Here is a recent sample evaluation testing we did to compare the EXBT4 to the real world competition. The bottom line - The Exile EXBT4 has 2.2V output which is more voltage than most source units. That's premium performance!

Q: In the past I've been told by many people (including Exile staff) that Bluetooth receivers lose dynamic range and will degrade my stereo sound. What has changed? Why is this one better?

A: So true! Up until the introduction of AptX® codecs, the sound quality / audio compression has been greatly impacted on high end stereo systems. The EXBT4 supports aptX, SBC, MP3, AAC and is automaticly determined by input source. The improvement is significant. For Maximum HD sound you need to use a source and reciever that is aptX certified / enabled. These devices will bear the AptX® logo and provide up to 384 kbit/s audio streaming. The EXBT4 is AptX® enabled.

Q: Does it matter where I choose to mount the Exile receiver?

A: The Unit can mount remotely to any panel or surface as described above. What's unique about the EXBT4 is it isn't built into any metal chassis. Products that freature "built-in" receivers decrease their effective streaming range because they are shielded from the paired "line of sight" source device. For maximum effective range, we suggest mounting the EXBT4 in a vertical position no farther than 18 inches from the auxilary input connection.

Q: Is the EXBT4 waterproof?

A: No, it cannot be submerged. The receiver unit is water resistant from moisture and the outside elements. The chassis is plastic and sealed rubber and conforms to IPS65 standards.

Q: Is the unit difficult to pair? I've got a car with built-in bluetooth and it never works right. 

A: The EXBT4 utilizes auto pairing within the 4.0 compliance. It is fast and reliable. Once paired, the streaming device will automatically re-sync after the first use.

Q: What's the difference between bluetooth 3.0 and the new 4.0 standard? 

A: The EXBT4 utilizes the 4.0 specification. This is the newest bluetooth specification. It is significant because of the low energy consumption and high bit rate receiving. The EXBT4 draws aproximately 30mA at full output.

- Bluetooth® v4.0 Low Energy + AptX® Codec Enabled
- 2.2Vrms Output (better than most source units)
- Marine Sealed Unit